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How To Install / Activate Microsoft Office Professional Pro 2021 By Phone

How to activate office pro plus 2021 by phone

Buy activation key
Activate Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 By Phone
Activate your office 2019 license key by phone

Instructions for installing Office 2021

Step 1: Delete your old Microsoft Office programs

To get started, check if you have any other Microsoft Office applications installed. Yes that's how it is,
I first removed all Microsoft Office programs. If not, go directly to step 2.
Tip: You can remove it via its settings menu found in the
right button of your mouse in the Windows start menu. Select your version
old Microsoft Office and once in the settings menu, choose delete in the
top bar on the page. It will automatically start the wizard to remove your
old version, choose the option to install and follow the instructions.

Step 2: Download Microsoft Office – Setup File

you must copy and paste your activation code (detailed in the image of
below). You will receive your activation code separately in an email.
Then select your country, language and choose the option to download Office. in most of
cases Office will be installed automatically after you have downloaded Microsoft
office on your computer.
To check if everything is installed correctly, open Word, click File, and choose
account. On the right you will see “activated product”. In case the online registration is not
will install correctly, you have to choose the register by phone option. In this case, follow
the instructions of the step 3.

Step 3: Microsoft Office Phone Activation

Select the option “I want to activate the software by phone”. In case the
wizard (detailed below) does not appear, please open a new Word file, go to
File -> Account and select Activate Product. An image will appear with the
Microsoft Office activation. Here choose the option “I want to activate the software by
phone” and Next.
Microsoft Activation Wizard
Select your country in Step 1:
In Step 2 you will see your system-ID, which consists of 6 or 7 digits per group. For
activate Office, you will need to call the number below and have your Office-ID in mind
Country Toll Free Number Microsoft
Spain (900) 150 889

From the Microsoft Activation Center you will receive a confirmation ID. fill it with
the assistant in the step 3. Select Next and follow the instructions to complete
the activation process. In case nothing happens, click “Enter” on your keyboard.
Note: When you select the option, Activate Office by phone, you may see the following error
What should be denied: Your phone activation is not suitable for your product.

On the Microsoft support page you will find the necessary information to help you in the
activation process:


Microsoft Office: problems and solutions


One of the most common problems we have when trying to open Word (or Excel or any other of the suite) are activation errors or problems indicating that the license is invalid or has expired. A window prevents us from accessing or using all features of the software because it ensures that there are unlicensed product issues or activation errors. Today we explain why it happens, how you can try to solve it or what are the alternative measures that you can use in case you need Create a document or a data table.

Table of Contents

You probably know very well what it is and have ever used it. Office is a set of Microsoft applications and products for all kinds of office tasks such as writing documents, creating presentations or creating tables, for example. Among the applications we find all kinds of tools for the business environment or for the home.

And it is that, there are few people who do not know the applications and programs of the Office package such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint as the most used, but also Outlook, Access, OneNote or Publisher among many others. But you have also seen, surely, that message that says "Your license may no longer be valid". There are many errors that can occur, but also many possible solutions with which we can test what is happening or why this activation error. For this reason, we will explain everything that you should take into account in case you encounter a problem.


What is an Office license?

Microsoft Office licenses They can be sold both individually and together, in the event that you purchase their complete suite. If you do it individually, you can buy them for a more affordable price. Of course, this type of licenses can only be installed and used on a single computer. They are strictly necessary to make use of Microsoft Office services.

In the event that you want a joint, you should know that Office 365 is the Microsoft office suite on the cloud. With this package, all the tools can be accessed from anywhere, at any time regardless of the device (computer, smartphone or tablet) or operating system (Windows, Linux, Android or iOS) being used. The license will allow you to use all these programs under a single user. Here we leave you the entire set of applications that we will have access to if we have this specific license:

  • Word

It was developed for the creation of texts.

  • Excel

It was developed for the purpose of creating spreadsheets with a multitude of functions and other features.

  • Power point

This option is designed for creating slides and presentations.

  • Outlook

It is an email manager computer program.

  • Access

It is a tool for editing databases.

  • InfoPath

This is a program used to develop data entry forms based on XML.

  • OneNote

It is a tool for taking notes.

  • Publisher

An application designed to compete with desktop publishing software such as InDesign, that is, it is a desktop publishing program.

  • SharePoint Workspace

In this case it is a group collaboration tool through P2P.

  • Lync

This is a real-time video and instant messaging conference and meeting manager.

This suite is available under the method of payment or access fee, and it is a very flexible contracting method that allows you to pay only for what is contracted. There are a large number of different subscriptions available when it comes to use Office 365. It is possible to choose one of the available options or mix different options until you configure Office 365 that meets your specific needs.


Activation error and solutions

Sometimes it is possible that you have gone to open any of the office suite programs and an error message does not allow you to access. Possibly you can't even write or it lets you do it, but many features are not enabled or allowed. In that case, you can follow the steps below to try to fix activation and unlicensed errors in Office. You will be able to try all the options before looking for an alternative. If nothing that we explain below will work for you, contact support.

When this error appears, you will see that a window shows you the message indicating that it is an unlicensed product or a product "For non-commercial use." You can try to restore Office features by following four very basic steps that will only take a few minutes. Keep in mind that we will explain the next four steps if you have an Office account or have acquired it legally. It will not do any good for you to follow these instructions if you are using a pirated or downloaded version. In that case, read on to find out how to proceed.


Sign in to Office

The first thing you should do is try to log in with your email. In that case, you will have to test all emails you have in case there are several that are in use. However, you also have the option of trying the work license in case you have purchased the professional license or the educational license, for example.

In any case, test all your emails and log in. Once you have logged in go to the option Services and subscriptions. In this section you will find your Office product or the subscription you have to Microsoft 365. It is important that when using this product you are in the correct account, otherwise you may be in another that does not have a subscription and this is what that is giving you problems.

Renew Office 365


Check installed versions

If you have multiple copies of the software installed on your computer, there may be an error. You may have multiple versions and that is producing the failure in the computer. However, we can always go to the control panel of our Windows computer to see what versions we have installed on the PC. If you don't know how to do it on your own, here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Control panel on your computer.
  • go to the box “Search Programs and Features” in the upper right corner.
  • Write the word "Office” in the Programs and Features box.
  • You can see the versions that are installed on your computer.
  • If more than one version appears, uninstall the one you don't use
  • Once uninstalled, restart the computer to complete the process.
  • start again, try to open office and log in if prompted.
  • If that's how it's fixed error, you can use it normally.
  • If it hasn't fixed it, keep trying the Next steps.

Activation Errors - Uninstall Office


Check your Microsoft 365 subscription

This step will only be useful if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription. Basically, because we will tell you how you can check said subscription. And it is that there may be a problem with the subscription that has been canceled without you knowing it and you must reactivate it on your own. Therefore, you must follow this series of steps:

  • Close All applications.
  • Go to the page of Microsoft services and subscriptions.
  • Access with your username and password and log in.
  • Go to the section “Subscriptions".
  • Look at the “Canceled subscriptions".
  • Here you will see if it has expired, when it has expired, etc.
  • You can renew it if you are interested and how to solve the activation problem.

For example, you may find that your subscription is canceled or expired, so you will have to renew it in order to enjoy it. If you have not hired it, it may be because there has been an error in the hiring process and you have not noticed it, you will have to choose the service that interests you and hire it. In any case, check that you have a subscription that you can use and make sure that you do not want to change it for another,

Activation Errors - Office Subscriptions


Problem Solver

If none of the above works, Microsoft Office has a problem solver which you can download for free. More than anything, because there can be several errors that could give us this problem. Therefore, there are three options depending on your version:

  • Office 365.
  • Office 2021, 2019 and Office 2016.
  • Office 2013.

Once you download it, it will automatically perform a scan to see what is happening or where the error is. It will analyze the system looking for any possible failure that is leading to that you can't install your office. Also, it will automatically fix any errors it has found and fix the error if you haven't already done it with the steps above. We recommend that you do all of the above first to save yourself scanning or downloading this software on your computer.

If you have tried the other solutions and still have the problem, then it is interesting that you use the Support and Recovery Assistant that Microsoft makes available to us free of charge for several of its services. The first thing we must do is download wizard in our team and run it in Administrator Mode.

This "problem solver It is developed by the Redmond company to support users of Office / Microsoft 365, but also the Windows operating system itself, Outlook, Skype, mobile devices, OneDrive, Dynamics 365 and other advanced diagnostics.

Once downloaded, we run the file in Administrator Mode by double clicking on SetupProd_Act.exe. In the Windows installation box we confirm that we want to do it by clicking on Install. We give permission for the app to make modifications to the device. Now you will only have to follow the steps, first choosing the application, Office, and other issues. If you cannot solve the problem, it is recommended that you continue reading our suggestions below.

windows support and recovery assistant


Unsupported operating system

You may see the following error message after selecting the Install button at office.com/myaccount: Unsupported Operating System. The OS not supported error indicates that you cannot install it on the current device. This error can occur if we are on a computer and try to install the Mac version a one-time purchase, such as Home and Student Office; or if we are trying to install the PC version on a Mac.

To obtain solutions to this, we will look for why the unsupported operating system error appears when installing Office. Maybe we are trying to install it on a device mobile, such as an iPad or iPhone, or a Chromebook. The Install button available after you sign in downloads the version that is designed to run on a PC or Mac. To install it on a mobile device, we'll need to see how to set up Office apps and email on a mobile device.

The same happens when installing it on a Chromebook, we will have to review how to install Office on a Chromebook. And, in the event that we are trying to install the desktop version of Office on an unsupported operating system, such as Windows XP or Vista, we will have to verify that the system requirements are compatible.


Other tips and tricks you can check

If none of the above works, we can follow other steps to try to verify the activation problems. There can be many different errors, such as the date of the computer, the user you are using to run Office... But we can check all the problems and possible solutions one by one until we find out what is happening and why.


Run Office as administrator

One of the most common options to fix activation and unlicensed product errors in Office is to bet on run the program as administrator. So maybe we can solve the problems that there are in permissions. To do this, you will have to do the following from your computer:

  • Close All applications
  • Press the Start button in the lower left corner
  • Write the name of the application what you want
  • click with it right button on the program icon
  • Select option "Execute as an administrator"
  • Choose the option "Yes" to make Office run as administrator

Check date, time and time zone

If this parameter is set wrong on your computer, you may encounter many problems. Among them, activation errors in Office. you can change it quickly with just a few steps. The steps that we must follow will depend on the operating system you have, it will vary depending on whether you regularly use Windows 10 or use previous versions of the Microsoft operating system.

With Windows 10 and Windows 11

The steps with Windows 10 and Windows 11 are as follows:

  • Close all Office applications.
  • Go to the Lower right corner from the screen.
  • Select the date or time.
  • Choose the option "Date and time settings".
  • Choose "Set time automatically".
  • Once here, click on “Set time zone automatically".
  • If this option does not appear, choose the time manually.
  • Reboot any app you have in Office.

Date and TimeIf you have Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

If you have a previous operating system, the steps we must follow are these:

  • Go to the Lower right corner from the screen.
  • Click on "Change the date and time settings”.
  • If it is incorrect, select "Change date and time".
  • Correct the setting and put the one that corresponds.
  • Also choose the time zone that is correct.
  • Reboot applications to try again.

With Windows 7

If you're still using Windows 7 for whatever reason, here are the steps to follow:

  • Close Office applications.
  • Choose the date and time at the bottom, on the right.
  • If they are poorly defined, you must choose "change date and time" and correct them.
  • If the time zone is also wrong, you should enter "change time zone" and choose your local area.
  • Finally you must restart the Office applications.

You should appreciate that with Windows 7 it is possible to synchronize the clock with an online time server to keep this data always up to date. To do so, you must proceed as follows:

  • Go back to the bottom right corner and choose the date and time.
  • Select “change date and time settings”.
  • Choose the “internet time” tab and “change settings”.
  • Finally, you must click on "update now" in the text "synchronize with an Internet time server”.


In the event that you have an old version on your computer, you can update the product to solve any type of error that has appeared from one day to the next. This process will be free if you have a previously purchased version. Therefore, to update the Office package you will have to follow the following process:

  • Close Office applications.
  • Go to the shop from Microsoft Store.
  • Log in with your data and password and go to your profile.
  • Click on the three dots and access Downloads and updates.
  • Click on the option "Get updates".


If you are having problems activating the Office license on one computer and have already done it on others without any problem, then it is possible that the error comes because you have gone beyond the maximum number of activations allowed. Office establishes a maximum number of activations, therefore, if you have already reached that maximum allowed, you will find that it is no longer possible to carry out a new activation if you do not previously deactivate an installation.

That is, you will have to deactivate an installation on another computer to make a new installation and activation of the Microsoft suite. It is important to know that if you deactivate Office this does not mean that the tool is uninstalled of that equipment, the only thing that you will not be able to use it while it remains deactivated. Now, if at any time we want to use Office on that computer again, just activate it again and you will have it available again.

This may be the problem and you are not aware of it because you no longer use the other computer and therefore have not even bothered to uninstall programs such as Office itself, or in this case at least disable it to be able to use it on a computer you do use. In case you are using both, you will have to consider hiring a new subscription or establishing priorities.




We must be aware that in this way our system will be more vulnerable especially when we use Internet services (browsing, email, etc.). So we should deactivate it only during the period in which we are doing the checks. Then you have to reactivate it. Also, remember to always keep it updated.



You can do the same with antivirus, if you are using a third-party security tool, you will need to consult the manual to find out how to disable it. In the case of using the Windows 10 antivirus, from the configuration page or the Control Panel you can access to deactivate it.

We just have to go to System and Security in the Control Panel and then to SetupProd_Act.exe. In the Antivirus protection section, security programs of this type that have been detected by the operating system will be displayed. We can deactivate them and check if the error to start Office remits.

Permanent protection and live system scanning are two antivirus options that can cause these types of problems. detecting a harmless application as dangerous. Therefore, if you disable it, you may solve the problem momentarily. Of course, do not forget to reactivate it later to keep your computer protected.

windows 10 security


Proxies and VPNs

The same happens if you use a proxy. In this case, you must deactivate the tool to check if with it deactivated you can complete the activation of the Microsoft suite. In fact, it is It is recommended to disable the proxy and VPN before beginning the installation process. To deactivate the connection via VPN, you just have to access it and click on Disconnect. To disable the Proxy server in Windows 10 we have to do the following:

  • Ir a Home / Settings / Network and Internet in Control Panel.
  • In the left sidebar click on proxy.
  • Disable the option Automatic Proxy Detection.
  • En Automatic Proxy Configuration we will also uncheck the checkbox.

In this way, it is likely that we can finish the installation of the Microsoft office suite so that we can later use it without problems.


Specific cases

In some cases it is possible that a specific error will appear. We explain the most common error messages when Office is activated.


Error SR98E4SH-S

This error usually occurs when installing Office on Mac. The following message will appear: “Your key has been successfully redeemed, however the installation could not be started. Do not try to reinstall Microsoft Office with the same product key, it could block el product. Phone verification is required to reactivate product key".

Many users who open the software, read the instructions, and try to set it up, encounter a hacker scam. When they type the URL of the instructions into the Safari search bar, it automatically redirects us to a fraudulent website. If we try to redeem the Office license, an error code will appear with a phone number to call. If we call, someone quite credible will answer us, but they will suggest that the only way to solve it will be by entering an amount of money.

Obviously, we must hang up and not continue with this scam. Actually, when we type that URL in Safari, it auto-completes to a website suggested by Siri. office-com-setup.com, which is a spam site. We must close it and go directly to office.com/setup to enter the key and download Office without problems.


Error 0x80070005

If for a moment the error occurs 0x80070005 error when activating Office, common in 365, 2013 and 2016, it is because Windows cannot validate the Office key or activate it. The first thing that can cause this error is not having the active license, because it is convenient to know and if it is not the case pay the subscription relevant to retrieve it.

It may also be because, if we have bought it in the Microsoft store, we must update it in some way. To do this, we open any of the tools that make up the office suite, we go to the option File > Account and in Product info click on Update Options > Update Now.

The third reason for this error may be that you do not have the proper permissions, which is highly unlikely, but can happen. We must close all Office and open some of its tools with permissions Administrator. Once you have done this, you will need to complete the following steps from your computer:

  • Opens Archive.
  • Go to the bottom of the program and choose the option «Account«.
  • Tap on «activate product«.

Try activation again. This may vary depending on whether we have one version of Word or another, for example, or if we have several connected services, but just go to the "Account" section and manage the settings by opening the different products or tapping on "Change license"


Problems with Office 2013

Some problems when activating our new key for the Windows office suite are those derived from the fact that an active version of Office 2013 previously exists on our computer, which generates incompatibility problems when introducing new licenses, for which we will have to manually remove these keys already existing on our PC. The way to proceed will be the following:

  • We go to the start menu, where we will execute the symbol of the system, and we will execute the following commands, depending on whether the version of our operating system is 64 or 32 bits, and the version of Office.
    • Windows 64-bit with Office 32-bit: cscript.exe "%ProgramFiles(x86)%Microsoft OfficeOffice15ospp.vbs" /dstatus
    • In the case of Windows 32-bit, or Office 64-bit with Windows 64-bit, the code changes to: exe "%ProgramFiles%Microsoft OfficeOffice15ospp.vbs" /dstatus
  • Once we have the results on the screen, we will have to look at the 2013 product key that we have installed, specifically in the last five numbers of it to proceed to delete it in the next step.
  • For delete key product of our PC we enter the following code in the command prompt: cscript ospp.vbs /unpkey:

This is the example shown in the official help section of the web in this regard:


If it doesn't work: Use Office for free

If you are experiencing activation and unlicensed product errors and have not been able to resolve them, you can use Office online. Microsoft has a free suite that anyone can use if you have a Microsoft account. You do not have to pay anything and just register. Whether your hacking intention has gone wrong or your account is not working and you need it urgently, you can resort to this alternative. Office Online gives us 5 GB of storage in the cloud to save what we want and offers us a Word that we can use in the browser.

If you don't have a Microsoft account or don't remember having one, you can sign in with your old Hotmail account. Once you're inside, Get online It will allow you to use templates of all kinds or create a document from scratch. It is very practical for emergencies if you cannot solve the errors and you need to create a document. Beyond Word you will also find Excel or PowerPoint that will allow you to use them for free from the browser and whose results will be saved in the OneDrive cloud.


If Office for free doesn't seem like a good option to you, there are alternatives that allow us exactly the same thing and that have offline versions that we can use, for example. Beyond downloadable programs or alternatives to Office, which are many, there are some websites that work as word processors that have little or nothing to envy the Microsoft suite. This is the case of Google with its Documents tool, for example, which allows us to create any text, format it, change the colors or even export as PDF to send it by email to whoever you want. It is not necessary to install anything and it is enough to have a Gmail account to go to Google and be able to start using it.

In addition, the Google suite also allows us other alternative programs to Excel or PowerPoint with which we can not only create text but also presentations with Slides or spreadsheets that we can save or export in any format we need. It is not a solution to failed Office activation, but it can be a partial solution when we urgently need to use it and we don't know what to do until we get it fixed.

What you can also do is, if you have discovered that you do not have a valid license, buy the license corresponding to the service that interests you the most from the set of Microsoft applications, which you will activate later as we have mentioned.


Still not going? contact support

If it still doesn't work and you don't know what to do, it's best to contact the Microsoft technical support. In addition, we will have three possible ways to get to do it in order to resolve the failure that prevents us from activating the license.

Therefore, we recommend that you try these methods after you have followed all the indicated steps before and, above all, that you check that the license is correct, has not expired, you have not stopped renewing it by mistake or any of what we have indicated above does not happen. If you don't have one because you've tried the ones that don't work, you'll have to buy one. Well, this will be the main error. In the event that you have reviewed all these points, you will have to try these contact methods:


Use their specific support tool

Another solution related to Microsoft support is to install a tool from the link that we mentioned. Once you download it, install it and you log in with your account. When you've done that, Microsoft technicians will help you troubleshoot Office activation issues.

Also, you must remember that this, called Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant, is compatible with the 2016, 2019 and 365 versions of Microsoft Office. In any case, you should know that the download link is this. If you click on it, it will download automatically and you can use it at the moment by clicking or looking for it in the download folder whenever you want.

microsoft support


Open Microsoft Help

You can contact the company's technical support to receive advice with your problem from the following contact website. You can do it by giving open the app or get support technician in the explorer, the option that is most comfortable for you. You will also meet Other options Support for SMB Microsoft 365 administrators by opening a ticket in your admin center, with local support for paid support, and at Microsoft Store support to choose a product or inquire about a previous purchase.

Once the open help window, you will have to make your query. For example, that you cannot install Office or the problem that is giving you. It will show you some pages that may be interesting for you and articles we recommend that you can consult, but if you want to take the step directly from contact support you must give Contact technical support. You will have to cover everything that they ask you, from the products and services, the category and you give to confirm. In this case, you can choose between chatting or giving your phone so they can call you. You will accept the terms of service agreement.

Likewise, if you type help in the search engine, one of the suggested options will be precisely Microsoft help and it will take you to the corresponding section. You can also choose access from guided technical support for this type of problem, you will find from the following Microsoft support page.

technical support


Chat or phone support

if you give to talk on chat, the option will open in your browser. It is the fastest option for you because you will make sure that the technicians contact you as soon as they see that you are waiting for their consultation. You will see the current position in which you are on your waiting list, so you know if there are many people before you or not. At the top of the page, next to exit, you can change it to your language. They don't usually take long. Also, in the event that you change the app or window while you are with them, the chat session may be disconnected, so it may be best to wait without switching to another application or service until you receive attention.

If you see that it is going to take a long time or you don't want to wait, go back to the other option and choose the telephone contact, since service can also take time at times and if you work with other things you won't have time for it. Yeah give your phone, you must indicate it by giving your country code and number and they will call you as soon as they can.


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